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Welcome to Realms of Adventure!

     Realms of Adventure is a LARP established in 2003 with an original core rules and setting by Michael Riccardi based in Sparta, NJ. We strive to provide a unique, high-quality fully-immersive experience during our gaming weekends. With a basis firmly rooted in high fantasy, the game provides an intricate rules system and fully interactive plotline that players can really get involved in and become meaningful characters. The game features full boffer style combat, elaborate NPCs, and endless possibilities. The game presents players with a multitude of possibilities for their character. Player races to pick from include fantasy staples such as elves, dwarves and pixies as well as races unique to the game such as the reptilian Agorians or cat-like Kelonians. If a fantasy race doesn't interest you, there are more than a half dozen different human cultures available such as Barbarian, Gypsy, and Amazon. The system also presents 8 unique character classes including Mage, Rogue, and Monk and over 100 skills, some of which must be discovered in game. The game also features a robust magic system including several hundred spells, and multiple schools of magic including several "hidden" schools available to the player who searches for them.

     If you are interested in learning more, please have a look at our site. Under the "Contact Us" tab you will find a link to add your mailing address so we can send you up to date information, a link to staff contacts for more specific information and eventually a list of our players who have volunteered to answer questions about how they like the LARP and provide new players with useful information. We would be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have.

What is LARP?

     LARP is an acronym that stands for Live action Role-playing and is a hobby where the participants enjoy a fully immersive experience. You may have played games involving dice and paper or video games where you control the actions and destiny of a single character. LARP allows you to take that experience to a new level by actively controlling a character. YOU become the character. There is no mouse or controller to move, no dice to roll and what you see is very often what you get. If you are attacked by an Orc it will be a cast member dressed as one, complete with latex mask or appropriate makeup. Combats are resolved using safe foam "boffer" swords, axes, clubs, spears etc., and a diverse and robust magic system whereby magic "spells" are delivered via small thrown packets.

    You do not describe your actions or tell a gamemaster what you are saying; you actually perform the action or say what you want to whom you want. There are no take backs…if you say something assume your character said it. And others will take appropriate action. If you pick a fight with someone you should hope you are the better swordsman or wizard. Throughout the course of the weekend you will interact with others through a type of "improvisational theater." There are no scripts to follow and YOU help to write the story through your actions during the weekend.

    Typically Realms of Adventure will rent a campsite that has a rustic look and feel to it. For the duration of the gaming event it will be transformed into a medieval fantasy village where great effort is spent making the game seem authentic. Monsters look like monsters and you never know whom you might meet. Your character can be similar to yourself or completely different. Phil the accountant can become Garok the Barbarian or John the student can be become Arcantos the mage. Each weekend will be filled with various characters for you to interact with and plotlines for you to participate in. Still some of the greatest interactions you will have and plots you become involved in are those you create for yourself. Will you be a stalwart warrior, a devout goodly cleric, an eccentric wizard or an unscrupulous thief? The choice is yours alone in Realms of Adventure.